Deborah Birx has defended Trump, now she says his COVID neglect has killed hundreds of thousands



Dr. Deborah Birx told a House coronavirus subcommittee that hundreds of thousands of deaths could have been prevented by federal mask mandates and restrictions.

Birx: A third of the deaths from the first wave of COVID-19 were preventable.


Q: And what effect did the non-implementation of the measures have that you felt you were needed?

A: Well it is difficult to give you a statistical answer and a number. but
when I start looking at states that had some of the different elements of mitigation used when they had very similar demographics across states and were looking at them States that are similarly, those who had mask mandates versus those who didn’t Mask mandates, there was roughly between 10 and 15 percent Increase in fatalities for people who do not have to wear a mask. …

I believe that if we had fully implemented the mask requirements, the rEducation in
Eating indoors, bring friends and family to the risk of
congregate in private homes and we had increased tests that we probably did
could have reduced the number of deaths by 30 percent to 40 percent

Q: You said They thought 30 to 40 percent fewer deaths.

A: If you had made all the parameters perfect.

Q: And that’s not a complete lockdown; It’s the things that you advised of the Time came late autumn?

A: Yes sir.

A: So we’re really talking aboutt the 400,000 [deaths after the first wave]. So yes,I’m talking about a third of that, I think that could have prevented it optimal attenuation in this country.

Trump killed more than 133,000 Americans and Deborah Birx helped.

A member of Trump’s own coronavirus task admitted that Donald Trump killed Americans by not imposing federal mitigation measures.

Birx has abandoned her country. She praised Trump’s COVID response on television. She did not go public and set the alarm bells ringing that Donald Trump was killing people.

In the midst of a pandemic in which she knew people were dying unnecessarily, Deborah Birx made no comment.

She was protecting Trump instead of the American people. Deborah Birx is not a heroine, but she is one of the reasons why so many unnecessary deaths have occurred.

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