President Biden appoints Jessica Rosenworcel as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission



Why it matters: President Joe Biden has removed acting chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Jessica Rosenworcel, the interim label and promoted her to full-time chairman. The appointment marks the first time in history a woman has served in this capacity.

Rosenworcel was nominated by President Barack Obama in 2011. She joined the FCC in 2012 as a commissioner and was nominated for a second term by President Donald Trump in 2017, resigned in 2013, but Tom Wheeler eventually filled the position.

Wheeler left the position in early 2017 when Trump took office and was replaced by Ajit Pai, who in turn left last January when the Biden administration entered. Rosenworcel has been acting as interim chairwoman since then.

The White House also announced that Biden has nominated Gigi B. Sohn as FCC commissioner. Son worked under Wheeler for a few years but left the FCC when Trump came to power. If confirmed, Sohn would be the first open LGBTIQ + commissioner in FCC history.

FCC commissioners Brendan Carr and Geoffrey Starks congratulated Rosenworcel in separate statements on her nomination for a further five-year term and appointment as chairman of the FCC.

It is unclear whether the Senate will confirm the nominations before the end of the year or why the president waited so long to vote. Should the confirmations be approved anyway, the Democrats would again enjoy a 3-2 majority over the Republicans.

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