Binance listed CHESS token. VDR ICO starts tomorrow


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Binance listed CHESS token. VDR ICO starts tomorrow

Tranchess is a return-enhancing asset tracker. It offers various risk-return solutions on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Binance has listed CHESS in its Innovation Zone. The exchange also opened trading for the trading pairs CHESS / BTC, CHESS / BNB, CHESS / USDT and CHESS / BUSD. CHESS is the governance token of the tranchess protocol. Customers can use it to vote on governance proposals. In addition, the token holders receive 50% of the fees generated by the protocol as weekly discount rewards.

The team created Tranchess because they wanted to offer users such a protocol that would help them better manage their portfolios while making crypto investments. It decided to start Tranchess on BSC simply because the latter is one of the best blockchain platforms out there. It’s also EVM compatible and has a block time of around three seconds. The company believes that the rollout on BSC will reduce the cost of the gas fee and the waiting time between transactions for users.

Although the CHESS token is the most important, this protocol offers several other tokens as well. For example, QUEEN is the token for the main fund. The main fund is a BTCB tracking index fund, and each token QUEEN represents a portion of it. This means that QUEEN’s Net Asset Value tracks Bitcoin price on a fully correlated basis.

Thanks to this protocol, traders can now exchange their BTC for QUEEN tokens via a “creation process” and buy them with USDC via a “swap” instead of keeping Bitcoin passive. As a result, they get the BTC exposure as well as the opportunity to farm CHESS tokens to further increase earnings. The team stated that CHESS is a key to receiving an additional discount from fees charged within the Tranchess platform.

What about tokens BISHOP and tokens ROOK?

These two tokens are also essential components of the tranchess protocol. Token BISHOP is a USDC high yielding product. Its owners can collect interest at a certain rate that changes weekly. The log reads the USDC interest rate from Venus every week and adds a premium to the interest rate determined by the community’s vote. The sum becomes the fixed interest rate of the BISHOP token for the following week.

Tranche ROOK Token is only the other half of the main shared fund. It is a leverage product without forced liquidation. The ROOK token holder borrows daily from the BISHOP token holder to buy the main fund that tracks BTC. As a result, the holder of the ROOK token receives all the profits and losses of the main fund – the return of the ROOK token. However, the holder then pays the BISHOP interest rate token.

According to the team, the ROOK tranche realizes a leveraged portfolio by raising equity from the BISHOP tranche. In contrast to the leverage products currently on the market, the ROOK tranche does not risk compulsory liquidation as it takes out loans within the main tranche.

Tranchess is the protocol that allows users to create many different funds, each with a different set of crypto assets. The first fund the company launched using the Tranchess protocol is Tranchess 1.0. This is a fund that tracks the price of BTCB / USDC.

What is Vodra and what does it offer?

Token, the ICO of is now liveVodra is a relatively new platform that allows creators to pursue their passions and receive fair compensation for doing so. The team created a decentralized donation platform to shift compensation for online entertainment towards a direct participation model between creator and audience.

In addition, the company announced that it will launch its native utility token VDR on October 26, 2021. The sale ends on October 28, 2021. 10,000,000 VDR tokens are on sale and the price is $ 0.011500 per token. The team wants to raise $ 115,000 with the sale and accepts BUSD in exchange for its native coins. Customers can use VDR for royalty-free donations to content creators and funding, project coordination, and crowdfunding.

Due to algorithmic discrimination and costly platform fees, it is difficult for content creators to get adequate compensation, especially without relying entirely on promotions and advertisements. You face other obstacles as well. However, the Vodra platform enables creators to receive donations, monthly pledges, crowdfunding, and more – all with no fees. The company achieves this through its token and platform design. The latter allows the audience to directly compensate its creators.

In addition, the Vodra platform offers a variety of tools and integrations that enable content creators to monetize their content across all platforms. From exclusive NFT rewards to live broadcast donation notifications, YouTubers can interact with their audience as they see fit.

What about the VDR token?

VDR is an ERC-20 utility token. The Vodra platform audience can use the token to donate to creators and unlock various utilities. In addition, a polygon proof-of-stake bridge ensures seamless transfers to the Matic / Polygon blockchain. This means that gas fees are completely avoided for transactions and functions on the Vodra platform.

Content creators on all platforms can easily join Vodra to redeem their viewership for VDR. Streamers, gamers, athletes, vloggers, educators, musicians and all other creative users can monetize their content using the powerful tools and integrations on this platform. Thanks to this platform, the creators have a stake in where they get their compensation from and they don’t have to worry about income instability.

The ArtWallet will also start its ICO tomorrow

ArtWallet is the ultimate wallet specially designed for NFT owners. It enables customers to store, distribute, manage, and discover NFT content, including a variety of collectibles, digital art, and Metaverse in-game items. This protocol includes native cross-chain support, including NFT bridges between blockchains.

The team plans to launch its native token on October 26, 2021. 7,500,000 1ART tokens will be on sale and the price will be $ 0.010000 during the first coin offering. The company plans to raise $ 75,000 with the sale and will accept BUSD in exchange for 1ART tokens.

According to the team, the ArtWallet infrastructure will provide a medium for providing media for playing unique audio or visual content, AR / VR technologies, and beautiful high resolution frames for visualizing NFT art. The platform will also contain a ledger that will decrypt the media files residing in memory.

In addition, owners of exclusive NFT art can rent their artwork to virtual or physical galleries and receive a rental fee. The creators of NFT art could also mint NFTs right in the wallet and receive royalties on reselling their artwork.

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