The Lincoln Project comes with a new ethics complaint for Greg Abbott



Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) got an ad for the Lincoln Project on national television, and now the group is about to file an ethics complaint against the governor.

The Lincoln Project said in a statement to PoliticusUSA:

In September, The Lincoln Project produced a critical ad about Governor Greg Abbott’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The PAC purchased airtime through ESPN on the Longhorn Network during a UT-Austin soccer game. Just before kick-off, the university informed The Lincoln Project that they would not run the commercial – and claimed an undisclosed policy against political advertisements.

In October, the next month, the university granted extremist media company Breitbart access to the Darryl K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium for an exclusive interview with the governor of Texas – an interview in which the governor spread misinformation about vaccines and attacked public health officials Prescribe mandates.

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The Lincoln Project has filed a Freedom of Information request with the University of Texas at Austin and the official Greg Abbott office to determine if there has been any communication between the school and the governor’s office staff regarding the blocking of critical advertising from the governor Has. In addition, The Lincoln Project will file a complaint against Abbott with the Texas Ethics Commission for misusing official time and resources to advance his re-election campaign.

Greg Abbott abused the power of his office

It appears that Greg Abbott has abused his governor power to hold up a critical complaint in the United States. Abbott was able to kill the ad buying by exerting his office’s influence on the University of Texas.

The Lincoln Project is not dropping the matter, and their lawsuit shows their willingness to stamp out corruption and Trump’s influence in the Republican Party.

America is no longer about Republicans versus Democrats, but rather a struggle between those who want to destroy and those who are trying to save democracy.

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