Saints Row brings back the fan-favorite Ragdoll missions “Insurance Fraud”



The Saints Row restart is slowly taking shape as we near its February release date, and now developer Volition has confirmed the return of several fan-favorite series – including the Let’s Pretend stores and the Insurance Fraud ragdoll mini-game missions. It also seems to reveal the map of Santo Ileso.

The Insurance Fraud Missions were launched back on the first Saints Row in 2006 and were a good indication of how silly the series was slowly going to move on. If you’ve never played a Saints Row game – basically the idea is to throw the player character at a car, whereupon they ricochet and ragdoll and the player has to steer them into other vehicles like pinball machines to collect the score.

These missions are a fun change from the GTA-being of regular gameplay and were included in every game in the series of some sort.

The video focuses on Saints Row’s side missions. In addition to insurance fraud, this also includes the establishment of ancillary businesses – which then lead to more extensive tasks and access to new resources and objects. 15 of these criminal ventures are accessible around Santo Ileso and more will apparently follow after launch.

The trailer also includes a glimpse of the Santo Ileso map, but it’s far from complete.

The map of Santo Ileso.  in Saints Row

Saints Row will be out in February, and here’s a good look at how it’ll play out.

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