Rep. Ted Lieu urges the DOJ to prosecute Trump for campaign funding crimes



Now that Lev Parnas has been convicted, MP Ted Lieu (D-CA) reminded the DOJ that Trump had also committed campaign funding crimes.

Rep. Lieu tweeted:

Lev Parnas has to go to jail for federal election funding crimes. Michael Cohen was jailed for federal campaign finance crimes. Both have been prosecuted by @TheJusticeDept. Do you know who else has committed campaign funding crimes? Donald Trump.

He was individual 1, do you remember?

– Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) October 22, 2021

Trump committed campaign financing crimes with the stormy Daniels Hush money payments.

The whole point of Trump’s plan to hide the hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels was to avoid disclosing campaign funding during the 2016 campaign. Stormy Daniels’ payments were the tip of the iceberg. There was also Trump’s consistent use of taxpayers for campaign rallies. Illegal fundraising campaigns. There have long been allegations that illegal foreign funds ended up in Trump’s election campaign.

The DOJ could pick the charges against Trump. The most difficult decision for the judiciary would be to limit the charges to those most likely to lead to conviction.

Rep. Lieu is right. While the DOJ is chasing those around Trump, they shouldn’t be ignoring the biggest fish of all.

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