Steve Bannon is approaching jail when the house makes a criminal disdain to the DOJ. sends



The House of Representatives referred Steve Bannon to the DOJ for criminal contempt for prosecution for defying a 1/6 committee subpoena.

The House refers Steve Bannon to law enforcement.

All Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to prosecute Bannon, and at least 8 Republicans voted to criminally despise Bannon.

Before the vote, MP Liz Cheney called her own party.

Video from Cheney:

MEP Liz Cheney calls her fellow Republicans to the ground: “My colleagues in the Republican Party, the Republican members of this body, must understand and recognize that there is a moment when politics must stop.”

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 21, 2021

Before the vote, 1/6 Committee Vice-Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) said:

My colleague from Ohio, Mr. Jordan, who just suggested that we were here because we were against it President Trump’s policies seem to have actually forgotten that on January 6th he said himself, Quote what happened today is wrong and is not what America is Above. The next day, Mr. Jordan said: What happened is a Wednesday Tragedy. Everyone knows it’s as wrong as can be wrong. And today, Mrs. Spokeswoman, the the former president suggested that the violence was justified.

My colleagues in the Republican Party, the Republican members of this body must understand must realize that it is there a moment when politics must stop if we want to defend and protect our institutions. A violent attack on the Capitol stop a constitutional process Counting votes is this moment. Everyone knew that that day.

The US attorney is now required by law to convene a grand jury for the criminal contempt of Steve Bannon.

The DOJ cannot postpone the criminal eviction of Steve Bannon. The US attorney in Washington, DC must convene a grand jury. It looks likely that the DOJ will be prosecuted if the grand jury indict Bannon.

It’s possible Steve Bannon will blink at the last minute before he can be prosecuted, convicted, and jailed, but Bannon is now one step closer to being behind bars as the 1/6 committee has a strong message has sent that she will not oppose.

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