Biden scorched in Scranton when he pegged Trump for failing to do “one damn thing” in infrastructure



President Biden returned to his hometown of Scranton, PA, where he spoke passionately about his Build Back Better plan and called on Trump not to do anything about the infrastructure.

Video from President Biden:

Biden says Trump didn’t do anything to the infrastructure for four years.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 20, 2021

The President said “For the past four years you have heard every month that it is infrastructure month. Not a single damn thing done Nothing, I mean nothing for four years. “

Biden was best at Scranton on his plain talk

People are too attached to the dollar amount in the infrastructure package, forgetting how great the accomplishment of these two laws will be.

President Biden was right. For four years the Trump administration talked and talked about “Infrastructure Week,” but they never did anything. Trump’s ineptitude was so spectacular that it turned into a running joke.

It doesn’t matter if the topline number is $ 1.5 trillion or $ 3.5 trillion. If these bills pass, it will be a historic moment in America. Joe Biden does what no president has done in decades. He is about to pass a major infrastructure bill that will change the lives of Americans for decades to come.

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