M. Night Shyamalan becomes President of the International Jury of the 72nd Berlinale


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For M. Night Shyamalan, being asked to be part of the Berlinale is deeply meaningful (Image source: Instagram / mnight)

Indian-American Oscar-nominated filmmaker Manoj Nelliyettu ‘M. Night “Shyamalan, best known for his supernatural thriller” The Sixth Sense “from 1999, will serve as president of the international jury at the 72nd Berlinale next year.

This was announced by the artistic director of the renowned international film festival Carlo Chatrian. Indian films were selected for the Berlinale in 1956, but it wasn’t until Satyajit Ray’s “Ashani Sanket” won the Golden Bear in 1973 that it caught the attention of the country’s writers.

About M. Night Shyamalan, Chatrian said, as ‘Variety’ reports: “In the course of his career he has shaped a universe in which fears and longings stand side by side, in which young people are not only the protagonists, but also the driving force for overcoming is fear. In the US film business, Shyamalan is a unique personality, a filmmaker who has remained true to his vision. “

M. Night Shyamalan replied, “I’ve always felt like an independent filmmaker in the Hollywood system. It is precisely the things within us that are different and unorthodox that make up our voice. I tried to keep these things inside and cheer others on to protect these aspects in their art and in themselves. For me it means being asked to be part of the Berlinale. It is the highest award for a filmmaker. “

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