Georgia GOP in chaos as Herschel Walker defies Trump



Herschel Walker broke with Trump with the big lie, saying that he would lead his campaign in his own way.

Video of Walker on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show:

Where how! Herschel Walker doesn’t understand how the GOP 2021 works! When asked about Trump’s latest statement on the 2020 elections, he said: “That is not the right message. I am very honored that he supported me.

– Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) October 19, 2021

On Brian Kilmeade’s radio show, Walker said, when asked if Trump had the right message in 2022, “That’s not the right message. Everyone has to go out and vote. We cannot look into the past. We can’t look any further into the past, and that’s what I tried to tell people, and President Trump, I am very honored that he supported me because he knows that I am the right man for the job, but he also knows that Herschel Walker will do it the Herschel Walker’s way, which means that I’ll go out and run for this place. It is not Donald Trump who is running for it. It’s Herschel Walker who runs for it. “

That’s not how Trump’s Republican Party works.

In Virginia, Glenn Youngkin made similar comments thanking Trump for his support but making it clear that he doesn’t want Donald Trump to fight for him in Virginia.

Trump is trying to get Republicans to perform on Big Lie in 2022 or he will keep his constituents at home. At least that’s the threat he made.

Trump expects absolute loyalty from the Republican Party, but without the presidency’s power to intimidate people, candidates like Walker break away from him.

The chaos that the Republican Party cost the Senate in 2020 appears to be helping Democrats keep the Senate in 2022.

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