DRF token is still trending. What does Alterdice offer?


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DRF token is still trending. What does Alterdice offer?

Defi-space is developing very quickly, but so are the other sectors. Advanced technologies make it possible to look at things that were incomprehensible a few decades ago. Most of those far-fetched fantasies are now a reality, and the number is growing. The transport and logistics industry has evolved along with others. Privatized public transport is part of the change. While people did not use horse-drawn carriages too many centuries ago, we switched to the first generation of formalized, state-regulated taxis with a meter. Then we started using the ride-hailing platforms brokered by second-generation transport network companies. But the time for change came again. The DRIFE team decided to culminate this development by presenting People Taxi 3.0.

You may be wondering what is DRIFE? The answer is simple – DRIFE is a blockchain-based mobility platform. And it aims to make the ride-hailing ecosystem decentralized. The company wants to make sure that the privacy of its drivers is strengthened. The rights and remuneration levels of drivers will also be distributed transparently and fairly. The drivers keep their union rights. In the meantime, the system ensures that local regulations and compliance are observed.

The DRIFE team strives to disrupt the currently flawed existing business model. Uber and Lyft are now dominating the market, but the company wants to offer a better alternative, with a fairer, more efficient, and more transparent ride-hailing economy, as well as a blockchain-based transportation marketplace. The team has carefully studied all the existing problems in the industry and worked out solutions for each of them.

What kind of solutions are these?

Probably the most important one is the no commission rule. DRIFE wants to eliminate excessive transaction fees. It will also distribute the value back to the community and reduce censorship. The company will also offer much better transparency.

In addition, a commission-free structure will lead to better incomes for the drivers. The latter, in turn, are motivated to pass some of these benefits on to drivers who want to save commuting costs. As a result, the Drife platform will eventually provide high income for drivers and economic incentives for drivers.

The team will also ensure pricing flexibility. In fact, Drife plans to introduce its patented, auction-based, unique dynamic pricing model. Technological improvements through the blockchain technology will contribute to a much lower price for the drivers while guaranteeing a higher income for the drivers.

The company’s flexible peer-to-peer platform design and decentralized mobility marketplace allow users additional control and customization of the platform to their needs. For example, drivers can select drivers to optimize the fare, pick-up time, driver rating or certain criteria such as storage capacity, barrier-free access, child seats, car model, etc.

On the flip side, the platform offers drivers the opportunity to ask for a price that they think is appropriate for a ride. The team designed Drive to eliminate market inefficiencies while dramatically improving the freedom of choice and pricing flexibility for its users. In the meantime, the blockchain will offer an extremely high level of transparency and verifiability.

What other advantages does this platform offer?

Drife plans to continue classifying drivers as independent contractors. However, unlike centralized platforms, its driver-partners will actually be independent. In addition, drivers can negotiate their prices and choose the trips they want to take. They also work the hours they choose. Thanks to the Drife platform, the drivers use their local knowledge to their advantage and they do

The team aims to create a self-sustaining ecosystem in which each stakeholder plays a critical role in its growth and healthy maintenance. Drife was built with the philosophy that a central network operator cannot know which region is better than its local community. Against this background, the company will introduce a franchise model in order to decentralize the operation of the platform across different locations worldwide.

Drivers, drivers, local transport and logistics companies as well as fleet owners can manage themselves most efficiently and fairly by participating in this unique NFT-based franchise model. In fact, Drife will give drivers and passengers a voice that has been snatched away by the centralized governance ride hailing companies. The platform aims to achieve this through token staking for network ownership and by making proposals and voting on them.

DRF token is another incentive that makes this possible. This is the platform’s native utility token created to aid Drife’s governance. Both drivers and drivers can earn incentives for their active participation and commitment to DRIFE within the platform. However, platform drivers and drivers have different ways to earn rewards.

What about transparency and fairness?

As with many other defi platforms, everything at DRIFE revolves around transparency and equality. A public blockchain has the potential to bring much-needed transparency to the ride-hailing industry. It will also ensure fairness in the operation of the DRIFE platform. Blockchain can effectively increase openness, transparency, and accountability among users and value creators. At the same time, the privacy of users is protected by suitable encryption and various cryptographic techniques.

All of these measures will ultimately ensure that DRIFE is an open, transparent and free marketplace for sharing ridesharing. The use of the blockchain will also bring verifiability through its immutable and indelible ledger and will allow trustlessness thanks to the use of smart contracts.

In addition, franchise owners will be able to control local activities. All they have to do is configure the smart contracts accordingly using the FNFT leased to them. Franchisees are local so they can work in the best interests of the drivers and make the best decisions for the community. The platform’s governing body will be a DAO in which any user can participate in decision-making. They will make proposals and vote on them.

This system will also be very inexpensive. Blockchain enables drivers to connect to drivers directly via the decentralized platform. It reduces the additional costs of using unnecessary intermediaries. In addition, replacing the recording infrastructure and legacy systems with an immutable, tamper-proof distributed ledger also helps reduce costs. And don’t forget to eliminate the need for third party transaction management. Overall, blockchain technology will massively minimize transaction costs.

How can users still benefit from DRIFE?

Blockchain technology has given companies the opportunity to symbolize the ride-hailing economy. The team will use various on-chain digital assets, both fungible and non-fungible in nature, to accomplish just that. It will use the platform’s native utility tokens to play loyalty, rewards, and incentives. In the meantime, Drife will use stable tokens for macro and micro payment transfers in the chain.

The company plans to use DRF utility tokens to acquire franchise NFTs or FNFTs. The latter grants the franchisee the rights to use the company’s name and system.

What is Alterdice and what are its advantages?

Alterdice is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers low commissions. It’s very popular and has the potential to be even more successful. Alterdice’s team claims to offer the world’s most liquid exchange, allowing users to swap cryptos for other assets.

In addition, this exchange offers a variety of order types to help traders and investors manage different scenarios. The company aims to provide a safe, stable and reliable environment for trading digital assets through its web interface and mobile application.

So far, Alterdice does not have its own utility token, but it does allow trading in most major currencies.

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