Anniversary: ​​We’ve been watching Nintendo Direct presentations for almost 10 years


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The very first Nintendo Direct, hosted by former President Satoru Iwata (2011) (Image: via YouTube)

Nintendo is obviously one of the pioneers in the game industry, and from time to time groundbreaking ideas still emerge that are transforming and shaping the way people around the world consume and play video games.

One of the most brilliant moments of the last decade (at least from a business / marketing perspective) was the creation of “Nintendo Directs” – anytime, anytime special, entirely focused on Nintendo’s systems and the games that run on these platforms are coming.

The idea has proven so successful in terms of the hype it can build. instead of getting lost in a sea of ​​announcements.

So why are we continuing with this – because as we noted earlier, this Thursday (aka tomorrow) marks a decade of Nintendo Direct presentations since it was first released in Japan and North America. Thanks to the lovely @NintenDaan for highlighting:

This may be hard to believe for some, but this Thursday … Nintendo Direct presentations will be ten years old. Here is the very first, which aired on October 21, 2011. In it, Iwata discusses games that are coming to the Japanese market for Wii and Nintendo 3DS.– Daan Koopman (@NintenDaan) October 17, 2021

Daan also shared a quick history lesson on how Nintendo Directs came about in the first place:

“It’s September 13th. Nintendo had to demonstrate its commitment to 3DS. Instead of hosting a Nintendo conference exclusively for investors and the media, Satoru opened the door to Iwata. The company presented its software product range on an Ustream page and focused almost exclusively on games.

“The response in Japan has been quite positive, which led Iwata to rethink the approach to delivering information to consumers. They originally called a press service to provide additional 3DS information. The first minute the name changed to” Nintendo Direct “. The name has stayed with it ever since.”

Nintendo Directs have evolved over time, of course – and Nintendo now even hosts entire themed events. Just last week, for example, we had that of course Animal Crossing: New Horizons one and even game director Masahiro Sakurai adopted the concept with his very own Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Presentations – most recently he gave his last, which focused on the reveal of Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series.

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Can you believe that we’ve been watching directs for 10 years? Do you remember what your first direct was? Leave a comment below.

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