ASVA, BRKL and ZAM tokens are trendy – Defi Market Wrap


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ASVA, BRKL and ZAM tokens are trendy – Defi Market Wrap

Asva Labs is an exciting new project that has already caught the attention of investors. This innovation lab catalyzes the Web 3.0 revolution with the aim of creating an interoperable decentralized ecosystem. Asva Finance is the project’s leading multi-chain defi-aggregation engine. It derives the best returns for forex market services by incorporating the best defi protocols. In addition, Asva Ventures is a launchpad and DAO financing platform. It is dedicated to the Metaverse, NFT and GameFi projects. Thanks to it, audited projects can reach their full potential and at the same time give private investors access to the primary market.

There are numerous innovative solutions. So why should investors choose Asva? The founding team points out that, despite the countless defi platforms, blockchain technology is still far from widespread global acceptance. The lack of interoperability in the cryptocurrency space is a black mark on his big visions. Gas charges continue to skyrocket while transactions remain very slow. Because of such obstacles, users are motivated to seek more alternatives.

Asva believes that communication is the most important obstacle to overcome. It should offer just that – easy and fast interaction and communication. Thanks to a multi-chain approach, the products are inherently collaborative. The company integrates top chains and protocols into every product in order to provide various capabilities and functionalities on a uniform interface. As a result, the products offer customers different choices between which they can switch in order to optimize their strategies.

The Asva team brings together marketing experts, technology developers, entrepreneurs and fintech experts. You have a vision for the future for Web 3.0 technology. In addition, the team has an excellent track record and expertise on various fronts. The aim is to make this knowledge usable for the growth of the entire industry.

What is Asva’s vision?

Asva Labs plans to expand the range of multi-chain functions. The platform will develop state-of-the-art applications for the Defi, NFT and Metaverse sectors to achieve this goal. It aims to drive the Web 3.0 revolution, which is a pretty ambitious plan, but the team has an excellent roadmap and strong potential to do just that. Its native utility token, ASVA, is based on the Binance Smart Chain, and the company will be offering its ICO shortly.

BRKL token is also owned by BSC, and its Initial Coin Offering will begin on October 29, 2021. 3,906,250 BRKL will be on sale, representing 3.125% of the total offer. The price will be $ 0.064000 during the ICO, and the company plans to raise $ 250,000 with the sale of its native utility token.

Broccoli is Defi’s ultimate multi-chain sustainability layer. According to the team, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will manage the brokoli network thanks to the $ BRKL token. Token holders can vote and decide on the choice of renewable energy projects as well as recycling and e-waste collection programs. You will also choose partners for planting trees.

What about broccoli features?

ASVA, BRKL and ZAM tokens are trendy - Defi Market WrapThe company will introduce instant governance. This will be a new kind of governance where the community can participate, vote for certain protocol settings and benefit without barriers to entry.

Thanks to all these measures, the broccoli network is fully managed by the community, user-friendly, transparent and efficient. Its members can propose changes to the way this system works.

The company also announced that its platform would receive climate fees from Brokoli DEX, along with direct donations from individuals and businesses and API-levied climate fees in native tokens. It will also distribute native tokens to $ BRKL token holders to wager and airdrop in the community voting. The team will use 10% of the collected climate fees as community rewards for token holders, platform users and liquidity providers.

Brokoli brings GameFi and Defi together to incentivize customers to create, own, and trade their positive impacts. The project currently consists of three interconnected parts, but all of them serve a single purpose – offsetting Defi’s carbon footprint and expanding broccoli user base. Broccoli aims to become the eco-friendly gateway to the most popular DEXs and dApps.

Additionally, any blockchain platform (centralized or decentralized) can implement the Brokoli API and allow customers to opt for a low climate fee that offsets the footprint of their transaction.

Users also receive NFTs based on the number of trees they funded planting by using broccoli products and completing daily quests. The platform will allow the digital NFT forests to be traded as Brocoli Impact Credits.

What about the Zamio ICO? is a new project aimed at building a hybrid cefi-defi financial ecosystem that connects real capital to the blockchain and accelerates the transition to the new decentralized economy. The ecosystem will allow equity investors to expand their equity portfolio into cryptocurrency markets. You will be able to use a platform for stablecoin lending. The latter are secured by shares as collateral.

In addition, will create a universal Cefi and Defi wallet called the ZamWallet. It will allow customers to store, sell, buy and manage over two hundred crypto assets, and bring the best of Cefi and Defi into one unified wallet. In addition, this wallet offers ready-made investment portfolios created by experienced traders.

The team created the ecosystem’s native utility token. Owners can use $ ZAM to pay for fees, transactions, governance, cross-border transfers, and more. This token will also be a bridge between Cefi and Defi. The team stated that the real revenues from the ecosystem would meet the value of ZAM.

What does the ecosystem include?

The company announced that the ecosystem will be the platform for stock-backed stablecoin loans, pre-built crypto investment portfolios, universal digital cefi-defi wallet for managing and exchanging crypto assets, stablecoins, native utility tokens, Crypto academy and bank transfer will combine solutions and virtual bank cards.

Iliya Biniaminov is the founder of this network. He’s a serial entrepreneur. Biniaminov has already founded eight companies in the aerospace, IT, blockchain, fintech and construction sectors with a total capitalization of more than $ 100 million.

George Gus and Ayman Sayed are also founders and team members. Gus has extensive experience in Defi, Product Development, Marketing and Ui / UX, while Sayed has worked in Fintech, Blockchain, E-Commerce, Infrastructure and Digital Marketing. Thanks to their experience, this platform has a strong roadmap and good potential to achieve its goals.

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