1/6 committee requests video evidence from national archives that could bring Trump down



The 1/6 Committee wants all versions of Trump’s message to its supporters during the Capitol attack because some contain a damning omission.

In the original video, Trump did not tell his supporters to leave the Capitol.

ABC News reported from Jon Karl’s new book that Trump didn’t tell his supporters to leave the Capitol:

Two hours after the riots began, Trump finally admitted to taping a video statement. In the message posted on Twitter, he urged his followers to go home, but also praised them. “We love you. You are special,” said Trump in the video.

A helper present for the recording said: “Trump had to record the message several times before they thought he got it right.”

In previous versions, Karl said he failed to tell his followers to leave the Capitol.

The 1/6 committee wants all video versions of Trump’s message:

2. Request from @ January6thCnte to the National Archives for video recording of Trump on 1/6

Abc news:

“Two hours after the uprising began, Trump finally approved the admission …

An advisor… said, ‘Trump had to record the message several times before they thought he got it right.’ ”Pic.twitter.com/nHxBYLMW3E

– Ryan Goodman (@rgoodlaw) October 10, 2021

The National Archives likely have some damning evidence against Trump

The different versions of the recorded message speak for Trump’s intentions. Trump didn’t tell his followers to leave the Capitol because he didn’t want them to leave the Capitol. There are documents in the National Archives that show what Trump did, who he spoke to, and what his intentions were.

Donald Trump is trying to prevent the committee from obtaining testimony, documents and video evidence because these materials could bring about his demise, kill his political comeback and potentially face criminal charges.

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