Tetrix is ​​about to launch its high-ranking token – Market Wrap


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Tetrix is ​​about to launch its high-ranking token – Market Wrap

Tetrix Token is a new project that aims to enable users to conduct faster and safer transactions. The founding team created the new Tron blockchain based on the Defi platform. It was also decided to launch the platform’s native utility token XTR in October 2021. The price of the token is $ 0.01 per XTR. The total amount of tokens is 880,000,000. However, not all of them will be put up for sale in the first phase. The company accepts ETH, BTC, BCH, TRX, BNB, USDC, USDT, XLM, WAVES, XRP and TRX in exchange for its native coins.

This platform will enable users to send money to other people around the world using new virtual reality technology. XTR box is the world’s first high-performance technology development platform based on blockchain. It leverages the experience of industry experts in both blockchain and traditional technology. The company aims to create an extraordinary blockchain software experience. According to the team, the XTR-Box will be the world’s best BApp in terms of users, transaction volume and number of transactions.

In addition, the team plans the daily volume of XTR box at around 10 million USD with over 4,000 daily active customers. Tetrix Token already boasts of having one of the largest communities on the blockchain. This community will be actively involved across multiple social channels. This platform has a strong social element that holds the community together and gives early adopters and traders reasons to keep coming back.

The company’s goal is to integrate all businesses, their employees and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem in the hopes that it will make the business truly efficient, reliable and transparent.

What are the functions of Tetrix Token?

Tetrix Token offers an impressive range of interesting functions. DEX Wallet is one of them. The team plans to work closely with the TRON Link team. Together they will offer premium wallet services and optimize and expand these over time for the audience of the XTR platform. In the future, XTR will also expand access to the platform so that people can pay with any type of cryptocurrency.

In the meantime, developers who join the ecosystem can access the latest APIs, SDK, and technology documents. You will need all of these to connect to the ecosystem. The portal will contain a range of tools for developers to use the blockchain, social functions, reward pools and mining systems, wallets, identity management systems and more.

Tetrix Token will also work with the biggest names in blockchain, software development and entertainment. This will enable it to quickly establish itself as the industry standard. Developers can integrate XTR’s platform payment services into their BApps. Thanks to this functionality, they make paying with the existing technology as easy as possible.

The XTR team will work closely with TRON. It wants to take advantage of all the opportunities that TRON’s rapidly growing XTR ecosystem offers.

What about the Defi Monster Legends token and the ICO?

Defi Monster Legends is a relatively new platform that intends to make NFTs available to the broader community. Many gamblers are fed up with burning money on traditional games that they play. NFT games are an excellent alternative as they allow players not only to play but also to make money in the process. However, gamers encounter a lot of problems when trying to hand in Defi games. The most common of these problems is too high a barrier to entry, sometimes up to thousands of dollars; simple 2D designs and uninteresting storylines from current NFT games that are completely uninspiring; the need to download the games to a PC app or play them directly from a website, which is inconvenient for mobile gamers.

On the other hand, investors who want to diversify their portfolios by playing NFT games also face some problems. They struggle with poor earning potential and rely too much on luck. Current breeding and trading mechanisms do not provide a stable and predictable source of income.

With all these factors in mind, Demole decided to offer solutions. The platform will provide crypto investors with a fun and attractive, profitable investment channel. Players can play for hours while generating extra income instead of spending money.

The crypto community will be able to hype the game and gamble frequently to make money. In addition, mobile gamers can play the game on Android or iOS. This is very important when you consider that the gaming market is worth $ 260 billion, and more than half of that comes from mobile gaming.

What about the plot of the Demole game?

Players can take part in in-game activities, build an army of 5 monsters, and conquer the world of Demole. The platform offers a variety of tradable currencies including Hammers (for opening eggs), Eggs (containing monsters), and $ DMLG tokens. In-game currencies also include gold, Exp Shares, Monster Exp, and other materials.

Players embark on a journey to learn more about the history and details of the Demole world. They increase their idle rewards by capturing milestones in the campaign.

Additionally, players will have the correct challenge campaign phases if they have enough stamina. However, the higher the level, the more stamina the player needs for the challenge. However, they will get rewards for successfully conquering the bosses of each map. The rewards include DMLG, Gold, and Monster Eggs. Players receive rewards even when they are not playing.

What is the world boss?

Users worldwide will team up to defeat the world boss. They are also rewarded for their efforts. The platform automatically calculates World Boss’ overall health based on the attack power of players around the world.

The platform increases the total reward for each world boss based on the total amount of DMLG consumed in the twelve hours prior to the world boss spawning. In addition, each player can attack each world boss more than once. But each attack requires at least one monster, and each monster can only attack once.

Players get eggs, hammers, and tokens by participating in the in-game campaign, arena, world boss, and daily quests activities. You can use their rewards or freely sell / sell them to other players on the marketplace. Investors can also visit the training ground. The latter is a staking pool in which they place their monsters and tokens to level the monsters. Players passively receive more tokens.

This game has great potential. Hence its popularity among defibrillators. Owning DMLG tokens offers players additional benefits.

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