Amazon “Aware and Investigating” Breakthrough Invincibility Exploit In The New World



New World players are having a nightmare with PvP right now as an easily replicable exploit has left players with infinite invincibility. A representative from Amazon Games has confirmed that the developers are aware of the problem, but there are still no details on when a solution could come or whether wars could be disabled in the meantime.

We won’t go into details here, but suffice it to say that the exploit is easy to replicate and, in essence, allows you to remain invincible indefinitely. Players cannot move while abusing the glitch, but that allows them to stand at capture points forever, which prevents wars from ever advancing.

In a forum thread reporting the exploit, a New World community manager confirmed that “the team is informed and is investigating”. Elsewhere on the thread, the rep says, “Our number one priority for any bug or exploit that occurs is to resolve the problem as soon as possible. If there are people abusing a bug / exploit we will make sure they are moderated.

If the team hopes players don’t become aware of the exploit, well … that time is over. Big streamers like Shroud and Gothalion use their platforms to look for more explicit answers.

Hey @playnewworld with the various invincibles from floating around latency errors, you need to disable wars as soon as possible or do emergency maintenance. Too much of the game revolves around territory and too many players are ready to take advantage of it.

They’re too easy to recreate.

– Gothalion (@Gothalion) October 18, 2021

New World’s debut was largely successful, although there were many problems – like the delayed server transfer services. Check out our guide to the Best Weapons in New World for a time when you can actually use them to kill other players.

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