Adam Schiff tells Trump and his cronies that now is a new world and criminal charges are on the way



1/6 committee member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said criminal prosecutions were faster than civil proceedings and warned Trump and his cronies that it was now a new world.

Video of the chairman ship:

Adam Schiff tells @Acosta about the prosecution of Trump and his cronies: “But it’s a new world now. We will not choose the civilian way. ”

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 17, 2021

Schiff told CNN’s Jim Acosta when asked about the chances of interviewing Steve Bannon:

I guess the odds are actually very good. And if we would go the route Civil procedural law like we had during the last to do Administration because during the last administration that Justice department was essentially the needs of Donald Trump, not represented the public interest. And they didn’t want to Prosecute people for cover-ups for Donald Trump.

But it’s a new world now. We won’t vote go the civil way. We are on Tuesday right now the night will take up Report on criminal contempt. It will be made up in the House of Representatives. It is sent to the judiciary Public Prosecutor’s Office.

And that’s a lot faster, far more serious remedy. And the fact that if the justice Department pursues Steve Bannon, other witnesses will see You will face real consequences including prison time and potentially heavy fines. That’s a way to come Attention of people. Bannon is a key witness in its own right, but it is too important to send a message that the rule of law is back and people have to pay Attention.

Chairman ship is an expert. He raised an important point that most of the media misses. Law enforcement is faster. It’s a different process. If the Justice Department acts quickly, and every first clue suggests it, it will not be months or years before Steve Bannon is prosecuted, but weeks.

A US attorney will take the case to a grand jury and indict it.

Disputes and court dates are not dragged out.

It is believed that once Bannon is in a prison cell, he will sing.

There is no longer a DOJ bothering Trump and his pals.

It’s a new world and the 1/6 Committee is restoring the rule of law.

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