Trace Network plans to launch ICO soon. What about TRACE?


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Trace Network plans to launch ICO soon. What about TRACE?

Trace Network is a decentralized, enterprise-class financial protocol. It aims to leverage the capabilities of Composable Smart Contracts as well as NFT-based unique commodity identification solutions and permit-free financing options from Defi to unlock the multi-billion dollar business potential.

The network will use the unique capabilities of Defi, DLTs and NFTs to empower participants in its ecosystem. Users will be able to interact and share data necessary to enforce traceability, channel inventory visibility, and efficient working capital financing options. As a result, customers benefit from more efficient trading practices and business management.

The company also plans to launch its native utility token TRACE in October 2021. The exact date is not yet known. However, this ERC20 token gives users additional benefits when using the Trace Network. The total amount of tokens is 100,000,000. But only 16.9% will be available for token sales.

What features and functionalities does the Trace Network offer its users?

The network offers several exciting functions, including NFT-based goods identity management in the chain, defi-based on-chain liquidity and trade finance, on-chain integration and processing of business transactions across corporate networks.

TRACE-Token will have integrated governance and community participation functions. Token holders can vote and help make decisions about the development of the platform.

The team provided 30,620,000 TRACE tokens for business development, community incentives and promoting the ecosystem. They have allocated 20,620,000 tokens for this amount separately in an ecosystem and business development fund. The company will use the remaining 10,000,000 community incentive tokens for early adoption of the protocol.

In addition, the team awarded 16,380,000 TRACE coins to early supporters and strategic investors. 500,000 TRACEs are for public sale. The rest of the tokens go to existing and future consultants, founders and the team as well as to the development of the network.

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