Pete Buttigieg takes Tucker Carlson for parental leave smear



Transport sec. Pete Buttigieg hunted down Tucker Carlson for spreading homophobic slander about his parental leave.


Sec. Pete Buttigieg asks Tucker Carlson about the parental leave attack: “This attack comes from a man who has not yet declared his apparent consent to the murder of Harvey Milk,”

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 15, 2021

On the MSNBC deadline, Buttigieg said the White House:

See, in his case, I think he is just don’t understand Concept of bottle feeding, lass only the concept of fatherhood go but what’s really strange is that, you know, that is from one side of the aisle that used to be claim the mantle of being per family. What we have right now is a Management that’s actually Pro family and I am blessed to be able to experience that as Employees, to be able to do that Flexibility to take care of ours newborn children, that is, from the way, work. It’s a joyful job. It’s a wonderful job. But it’s definitely work.

And we, as a society, I think start to do a better job to realize that parenting Work, that care is work, and as such to support what is of course why the president has proposed family paid leave something for all Americans most Americans believe so we should do that and something that is highest developed countries pretty much take for granted.

Nicolle Wallace followed and asked Sec. Buttigieg, where do these smears come from, and he replied: “Look, this attack is coming from a guy who doesn’t have it yet declare his obvious consent for the murder of Harvey Milk, so we obviously know There are some dark places where some of these attitudes come from. But I also notice that does not speak for the country. I don’t think that speaks for most people on the other Side of the aisle from the party to which i belong. That is largely a consensus Problem, not just a support for Families like mine have one Right to marry and right to be treated equally, but also Families in general, mothers and Fathers, should be able to support their children even with a paid family leaving. “

Tucker Carlson never responded for agreeing to Harvey Milk’s assassination. The secretary made his statement emphatically without having to say directly that these attacks were homophobic.

The attacks on Pete Buttigieg weren’t about disagreements over family vacation policies or supply chain issues.

Something much darker is at work in these attacks. It’s homophobia and the far right goes to the ugliest place they can imagine to slander a popular member of the Biden government, but hideous culture wars are all that’s left for the Republican Party.

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