The network around Trump is narrowing as a 1/6 committee to summon the coup co-conspirator Jeffrey Clark



The 1/6 Committee is moving closer to Trump with a plan to summon co-conspirator Jeffrey Clark.

CNN reported:

The House of Representatives special committee responsible for the Jan.

The 1/6 committee comes for the coup co-conspirators

It will be interesting to see the coup co-conspirators play the subpoenas as the committee starts making criminal referrals and tries to use its own power of contempt.

Clark was a key figure in the coup plan. He would take over the DOJ and fulfill Trump’s bid to overturn the election.

Jeffrey Clark is someone who has had direct and close contact with Trump. He knows what was going on in the Oval Office and what Trump said.

The network of the 1/6 committee is getting tighter around Donald Trump.

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