Poll shows Ron DeSantis is more popular but still loses to Joe Biden, Donald Trump


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A poll shows that Florida voters are more positive. Ron DeSantis than from president Joe Biden. But the Republicans here still want the former president Donald Trump as her candidate for president in 2024.

And regardless, Biden outperforms Trump or DeSantis in a hypothetical head-to-head race for the president in Florida. But DeSantis could become vice president Kamala Harristhe poll showed, although Trump may not

The poll from Naples Victory Insights took a look at how Florida’s voters feel about their own governor and other important decisions for the president. It turned out, however, that there is not necessarily a link between whether voters think a candidate is doing their job well and whether they want that candidate to hold the highest office in the country.

Biden would win the Sunshine State by 51% versus Trump’s 49%, the poll shows, and he would beat DeSantis by a similar margin. Harris would beat Trump more narrowly, but still come out with roughly the same percentage of the vote. But DeSantis was able to beat Harris with 51% at their 49%. The survey has an error rate of 4.5%.

“Florida came into the spotlight when a swing state turned (slightly) red, and if DeSantis is the Republican candidate, it could prove crucial to his win or his loss,” a poll memo reads.

Oddly enough, the poll finds that DeSantis is popular here regardless of how voters see his chances as a presidential candidate.

DeSantis boasts 55% favor in the poll, with 42% of voters viewing him as very positive. That is more than Trump’s 52% Favorability or Bidens 51%, and significantly more than Harris 47%. Trump lives in Florida, but DeSantis as governor seems to be heavily influencing voters.

However, when pollers examined what leading Florida voters wanted to lead in 2024, there was a definite break.

Among Republicans, 58% want Trump as a GOP candidate and a comeback for the ex-president in the White House, while only 30% want DeSantis as a candidate. Florida’s governor has turned out to be a clear Trump alternative should the former president opt ​​for silence Mar-a-Lago retirees Life. Only 12% of voters polled preferred an election other than Trump or DeSantis.

By comparison, about 60% of Florida Democrats want Biden to seek a second term, compared to 17% who would prefer Harris to take the lead and 23% who want another candidate.

The survey also measured the “benefit intensity” for the four candidates and found DeSantis to have an advantage there. Looking at voters in the broader voter pool, pollsters calculate a benevolence intensity of 76% for DeSantis, compared to 70% for Biden, 67% for Harris and 66% for Trump.

Looking only at internal party support, DeSantis scores even better, with an intensity of 86% for Republicans compared to 78% for Trump. Among the Democrats, Biden enjoyed an intensity of 76% and Harris enjoyed a level of 73%.

“First, DeSantis has ardent supporters, which is evidenced by the fact that he leads both within the party (+ 5%) and overall (+ 6%) favor intensity,” it says in a memo. “Second, Trump’s pull within the Republican Party is much stronger than across party lines.”

At the same time, all candidates also scored high in terms of “hate intensity” or those who rate the candidates very negatively. Trump has an 86% negative intensity among Democrats and an 85% overall rating, which makes him the most hated in the field no matter how much Republicans love him. Similarly, Harris has an 85% hate intensity among Republicans and 81% overall.

DeSantis isn’t as despised as Trump or Harris, but he’s more despised in Florida than Biden. The governor maintains a negative intensity of 83% for the Democrats and 80% for all voters. Meanwhile, Biden comes in with 79% of all voters and 82% of Republicans.

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