Mega Man X DiVE Datamine Reveals Clues On Nintendo Switch


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Image: Capcom / Nebula Joy

It looks like another Mega Man game is on its way to the Nintendo Switch. It’s the action platformer for Android and iOS Rockman X DiVEdeveloped by Capcom Taiwan and released on smartphones in select regions around the world earlier this year.

According to the Mega Man fansite Rockman Corner, Dataminers have discovered “a series of strings” in the game’s client that point to a Nintendo Switch port on the action platformer Mega Man X DiVE could be on the way – with references to amiibo and ‘NS’:


This is supposedly the same way the PC and Steam ports of Mega Man X DiVE were revealed. As for the reference to amiibo, it is explicitly stated that it is “of no use”, which presumably means that this game does not support Nintendo’s NFC characters.

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Remember, nothing is official – and for all we know, it could be leftover or unused data. However, should we hear any developments, we will definitely let you know.

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