SE Cupp admonishes “emasculated”, “fearful” Republicans against Donald Trump because of Kowtowing


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A CNN panel on Monday evening tore apart two powerful GOP lawmakers who have turned into personal megaphones to reinforce former President Donald Trump’s debunked conspiracy theories about the 2020 election.

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Presenter John Berman asked his conservative colleague SE Cupp to assess the damage that people like House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) and US Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) are doing to the population by relentlessly parroting Trump’s false narratives.

“Congressman Scalise and Senator Grassley, who, as mentioned, know better, are leaders of the Republican Party. Scalise perpetuates the Big Lie and Grassley comes up with this new lie that Trump was somehow the victim of the uprising. What does that do to the party? And what does that do with the country? ”Asked Bermann.

“Well, it’s a shame for the country to see two grown men so emasculated, afraid of losing Donald Trump’s support and supporters, and unable to say what we all are true to know. It’s deeply disappointing. But I actually find it worse. In a way, people like Steve Scalise, lawmakers like Chuck Grassley, leaning on it and really giving it their full weight, are worse than Trump, in my opinion, “Cupp said.

“The thought that Trump lies and doesn’t know how to tell the truth or doesn’t care about facts is almost baked into the pie, even among his followers. But the idea that lawmakers are very serious, not frivolous, but serious, gives a lot of credit to the people who might tune in to Fox News who are dissatisfied voters and think, well, if they say so, it must surely be true, because no one seems to be checking this out on some of the right media waves, ”she continued. “So I think it’s – it’s actually incredibly dangerous, which Steve Scalise and Chuck Grassley and many other Republicans are doing in some ways, by the way – worse than Trump even said it was.”

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