Demon Turf brings stylish 3D platformer action to change next month


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A 3D platformer “with attitude”

Demon lawnImage: Playtonic Friends / Fabraz

Last year in June Fabraz – the team behind the excellent 2D platformer Slime-san – Lifted the lid of a brand new 3D platformer known as “With Attitude” Demon lawn.

It was recently confirmed to be released by Playtonic Friends (same developer behind) Yooka-Laylee) and now it looks like we have a release date. According to a listing in the Switch eShop, Demon Turf is due to arrive early next month on November 4th.

Here’s a bit about it, along with a look:

“The demon world is inhabited by all sorts of villains … Most of them are entangled in gangs fighting for supremacy, each led by their own chief honcho. But even these bad guys are no match for the Demon King himself! Instead, the task falls on Beebz, a young demon, barely a thousand years old, who decides it’s time to kick every leader of the lawn in the ass and become the demon queen herself. “

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