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Yukon cross-country skier Dahria Beatty has a busy ski season ahead of her. After the past season had fewer races, the national team will again have access to a full range of World Cup races.

It’s going to be an especially exciting year for Beatty as they try to form Team Canada at their second Olympics in Beijing, China in 2022.

It takes a lot of training to get to the Olympics, and that’s how Beatty spent her summer. When she spoke to the News, Beatty was at a training camp in California doing altitude training.

The altitude training, Beatty said, is designed to help Team Canada prepare for Beijing, as the cross-country skiing venue is 1,750 to 1,800 meters above altitude.

“It’s right on the verge of legal limits for cross-country racing,” said Beatty. “With the Olympics at such a high altitude, it helps us get used to this intensity interval session, which is tough workouts that mimic the basic effort.”

Beatty has yet to qualify, but the process started last season and will continue into the first World Cup period before Christmas. The team will be ready shortly after Christmas, Beatty said.

“I did part of the criteria,” said Beatty. “I did everything I could last year and then I have to do a good job this season in order to be accepted into the team.

“I’m definitely looking forward to the process of making it there.”

While the Olympics are imminent, Beatty doesn’t feel any added pressure, but acknowledged that there is always some nerve before each season.

“I try to focus on the process that I know is inside of me to meet the standard that they require,” said Beatty. “I just have to go there and do what my body is capable of, and hopefully I can do that at the right time.

“I’m just looking forward to having some good races on the World Cup course before Christmas.”

Beatty ended their 2020/21 season with a bang. In March 2021 Beatty set two personal bests in a competition in Engadin, Switzerland.

She finished 23rd in the 10-kilometer classic mass start and followed the performance with a 15th place in the 30-kilometer pursuit.

Beatty’s 15th place combined her best performance in a World Cup race and her best place in a distance race of all time. She said she hoped she could keep the momentum.

“You always start the season and hope you can be where you left off,” said Beatty. “I had a very good training season. There were no injuries or complications and everything went as planned and met the training benchmarks.

“I am very optimistic that I can take the momentum with which I ended last year into the new season.”

Beatty said there are always details that can be refined.

“Every season something new or extra comes up and they say, ‘I did well last year, but there is a gap here,'” said Beatty. “There are always little things, but also just trying to increase my overall capacity from my basic level.”

Aside from working on technical aspects of skiing, execution, and tactics, Beatty said that capacity building is about raising your threshold and increasing your average fitness.

“When you challenge everything, you want to see it a little faster than last year,” said Beatty.

Your season goals start with reaching the Olympic team. Once at the Olympics, Beatty wants to compete in the team sprint finals.

“It’s my favorite racing event, the team sprint, and something I’ve always hoped for and haven’t made it yet. That is definitely one of my biggest goals. “

Beatty also said the individual sprint final is high on their target list. Finally, she said that she would be “super happy” with a consistent racing season.

“There will always be a couple of individual races, but I can string three race weeks in a row, which I’m super happy with,” said Beatty.

If she can string those three weeks together, Beatty said she’ll get a good overall standings at the World Cup and be competitive on points too.

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