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Kristen Stewart shares why she didn’t feel authentic playing Princess Diana in ‘Spencer’ (Image Credit: Filmstill)

Actress Kristen Stewart said she felt “disloyal” to play Princess Diana in “Spencer” because she had no children of her own and therefore did not find her “authentic” enough in the role.

The 31-year-old actress plays the late Royal in “Spencer,” which focuses on three days in Sandringham, the Christmas before the princess’ separation from Prince Charles.

Kristen Stewart said, “She’s like that wild animal that you wouldn’t dare speak to (I regretted it). I am not a mother yet. I need that to feel authentic. It’s the only part of playing it that makes me feel disloyal. “

The film had mixed reactions from critics and Kristen Stewart always knew it was going to be a divisive topic, but she ultimately felt it was worth the risk, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

She told Daily Mail newspaper columnist Baz Bamigboye, “I definitely knew that the odds, as a Briton might say, of ‘screwing up’ were far greater than doing ‘good work’.

“But I thought it was worth it. I’ve worked as an actor for a long time and it’s really rare to find things that make you feel like that. “

Kristen Stewart had been prepared for the “intimidating and extraordinarily harrowing experience” of recreating one of the deepest periods in the life of Diana, who died in a car accident in 1997, but she wasn’t ready for how much “joy” she would feel.

She said, “Diana just really had this overwhelming, disarming, beautiful energy. [The decisions she was making were] earth-shattering.

“(But) living in it made me feel bigger and I felt like I could dance. I felt their power in an incredibly beautiful way. “

Kristen Stewart spent six months researching the role, focusing a lot on Diana’s “peppy” accent.

She said, “When I talk, I barely open my mouth and it all comes to an abrupt end.”

But occasionally, when she felt “self-protective or tense or emotional” on set, Stewart would revert to her natural accent and eventually go around shouting, “Argh! Argh! ”To get her voice back on track, much to the shock of the crew and their teammates.

Despite her own worldwide fame, the “Twilight Saga” actress said it is nothing compared to what Diana experienced.

Kristen Stewart said, “I mean, your world has opened up to the entire planet.”

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