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Former Donald Trump spokeswoman has dropped some big bombs on the former president in her upcoming memoir – and some of the most shocking revelations involve his “questionable behavior” and an alleged “inappropriate obsession” with a young adviser.

Former press secretary Stephanie Grisham does not hold back in her upcoming memoir, I am now taking your questions: What I saw from Trump in the White House. One of the incidents the 45-year-old recalls while on the job was when Trump asked for an unnamed employee to be brought aboard Air Force One just so he could “look at her from behind.” The 75-year-old’s alleged obsession with the woman didn’t end there because, according to Grisham, the former president always wanted to know where she was, insisted on a promotion, and essentially ordered Grisham to “make her happy. Interestingly, Grisham wrote in her memoir that she actually did the exact opposite, trying to make sure she was kept away from Trump as much as possible. It is currently not known whether this was done at the request of the adjutants themselves …

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And that didn’t stop the supposedly unprofessional and inappropriate behavior, as Grisham cites many (and we mean many!) Other examples in her memoir. From the time she was asked to deny the claims of porn star Stormy Daniels about his manhood to the time he asked Grisham’s friend, who also worked for him, it appears she was “good in bed” there is no shortage of incidents. However, one of the most shocking is when it comes to E. Jean Carroll, the Elle columnist who accused Trump of sexually abusing her. And it was his response to the 2019 accusation that made Grisham most insecure. “You just deny it,” he allegedly told her, adding: “You do that in every situation. Right, Stephanie?

Trump has claimed that Grisham’s allegations are all false, telling the Times, “Stephanie didn’t have what it took and it was obvious from the start. She had big problems and we felt that she should solve those problems herself. Like everyone else, she is paid by a radical left publisher to say bad and untrue things. “Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington reiterated his testimony, telling The Post that” this book is another pathetic attempt to capitalize on the president’s strength and selling lies about the Trump family “.

I am now taking your questions: what I saw at the Trump White House is out now!

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