US Olympic star Allyson Felix claims that Nike negotiations were the “lowest” point in her career


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US Olympic legend Allyson Felix had to endure many fights to achieve the feat of being one of the most decorated athletes. And one of their daring decisions included stopping sponsoring Nike.


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In 2019, citing her pregnancy, Nike made a big decision to cut her salary by 70%. Allyson has been participating in the Olympics since 2004 and was aware of her self-worth and what she can achieve in the future. Felix eventually broke their relationship with the high-end brand.


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Allyson Felix struggled with self-doubt

After separating from Nike, Felix faced a lot of self-doubt. Even a normal person feels insecure about a normal comment from a random person. Unfortunately, Felix went through a rough time during her pregnancy and when she should have been a supporter, Nike doubted her.

Allyson worked hard to overcome her self-doubt. In a recent interview, she revealed that the moment after she left Nike was one of the lowest moments of her life.

Allyson said, “I think I felt the most challenged right after negotiating with Nike. Because I am an older athlete and I feel like a mother I wasn’t believed in and that I couldn’t come back. It was a really low moment for me, and I think, as an athlete, as well as people who tie my self-esteem to something else. “

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Athletics – 400m Women – Round 1 – Olympic Stadium, Tokyo, Japan – August 3, 2021. Allyson Felix from the USA in action REUTERS / Aleksandra Szmigiel

“Either an accomplishment or, in this case, the way Nike valued or disliked me. I really had to work on it and know that my work had nothing to do with it, so that was probably the hardest part, ”she added.


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Felix has proven with her own shoe brand that she cannot be stopped

When the top athletes were sponsored by technologically advanced shoes from Nike and Puma, Felix fought independently. In 2020 Felix founded her own shoe brand from scratch. She called the brand “Saysh”; She wore her self-designed spikes to the Tokyo Olympics.


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The quality of the shoes passed all tests, as Allyson won two Olympic medals with its own branded shoes. After the Olympics, the shoes are now available online for their fans.


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