Peter Doocy tries to blame Biden for supply chain problems, but Jen Psaki ensures he fails



Fox News’ Peter Doocy tried to blame President Biden for the supply chain failure, but Jen Psaki was ready for him.


Doocy asked: “First, on the economy, half a million floating tanks the California coast with nowhere. Important issues in the global Supply chain now. the Vice President warned it could happens in August, why not? done more to prepare?

After some back and forth, White House press secretary Psaki replied:

W.I was have been talking about it since January the president set a Task Force and has a number of Steps to work to address. It’s not just about making sure that we have different Companies talk to each other, We did that, we were one Forum for various hosting Industry leader to see what we do Can reduce bureaucracy in process.

One of the biggest problems is covid and the fact covid remains a threat to Supply chains that happen Worldwide we have worked to be by far the largest provider of Vaccines, know-how, Manufacturing capacity to the World. We’ve been talking since January and are working on a Series of steps to help with addressing the challenges in supply Chain.

The Blame Biden game didn’t work.

Fox News’ standard position when a Democrat sits in the Oval Office is the President’s fault, but in this case Peter Doocy has either been absent or indifferent to all of the press conferences he attends.

Jen Psaki is an expert at keeping Fox News talking points from contaminating the press conference. She could also use Doocy’s question to explain and further President Biden’s record.

Psaki made Doocy look like he was not paying attention, putting down yet another Fox News propaganda attack in the process.

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