Dakota Johnson was hailed as “amazing” by Drew Barrymore for destroying Ellen DeGeneres for lying on her show


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Dakota Johnson was lauded “amazing” by Drew Barrymore for destroying Ellen DeGeneres for lying on her show – Watch (Photo credit – Wikipedia; episode freeze)

One of the most viral videos of 2019 was when Dakota Johnson literally destroyed Ellen DeGeneres on her own show and called her about public “lies”. This interview went crazy on social media and internet users praised the Fifty Shades of Gray actress for her brave act. Now Drew Barrymore commented on the same interview in a conversation with Dakota and called it “amazing”.

The conversation between Dakota and Ellen got really awkward in the 2019 interview and videos of it were all over the internet.

Coincidentally, Ellen DeGeneres asked Dakota Johnson not to invite her to the star-studded celebrations for the actress’s 30th birthday in Malibu. Actress Fifty Shades of Gray immediately replied, saying she was invited. When Ellen couldn’t remember, the actress said that she thought the comedian didn’t like her. “I didn’t even know you wanted to be invited. I didn’t even know you liked me. “

As the conversation dragged on, Dakota Johnson suggested Ellen DeGeneres ask everyone. At that point, the show’s executive producer reminded the host that while she was invited, she was out of town. “Yeah, I had that thing,” Ellen immediately recalled when everyone burst out laughing. She also added that she now remembers being invited and said Malibu was too far for her to travel and that is why she did not come.

Now Dakota appeared on Drew Barrymore’s show and remembered the Ellen moment, they both laughed hard and the host praised the actress for destroying Ellen on her own show.

“People got in trouble because they claimed they weren’t invited to your parties,” Drew told actress Fifty Shades of Gray on her show, referring to the clip.

“That was incredible, by the way,” concluded Drew Barrymore and Dakota Johnson with a laugh as the audience cheered them on.

See the full interview here:

Dakota Johnson really burns haha!

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