Nox Unveils Next Generation PSG System


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Nox Medical, the sleep technology arm of Nox Health, has unveiled its polysomnography system (PSG) Nox A1s, which offers the flexibility of home hospitality and product improvements over its predecessor, the Nox A1. The Nox A1s includes telemedicine functions for performing sleep tests in the laboratory and at home.

“We live in a global insomnia epidemic and we strive to be part of the solution,” said Pétur Már Halldórsson, CEO of Nox Medical, in a press release. “Our growing product portfolio enables a seamless continuum of care through the use of telemedicine and innovative technology to meet the growing demand for better sleep solutions. With the introduction of the Nox A1s, a real diagnostic device for hospital-at-home diagnostics with revolutionary versatility, we have reached the next milestone in our product vision. “

Ingvar Hjalmarsson, Chief Product Officer of Nox Medical, said in a press release: “The system offers a free setup and provides bedside control via the Noxturnal app to perform biocalibration, check signal quality, perform impedance checks and live graphs – ultimately two big distinguishing features to other PSG devices on the market. “

Nox A1s can be configured via cloud connectivity with Nox Self-Applied Somnography (Nox SAS) so that patients can use the device themselves from the comfort of their own home. The Nox SAS has been used in more than 6,000 sleep studies worldwide, but is currently only available for research purposes.

The Nox A1 was first introduced in Europe in 2014. In June 2021, Nox Medical introduced the Nox A1 to its sales network and distributors and on October 8, 2021 it will be officially launched, although availability may vary.

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