Bethesda congratulates Nintendo on launching Metroid Dread with special DOOM artwork


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Image: Bethesda

Unless you’ve been living under a giant morph ball-shaped rock for the past few months, you probably know that Metroid Dread hit the market today for Nintendo Switch. It’s absolutely awesome, and you should definitely play it.

Before you did, however, we figured you’d want to check out this particular piece of art from the Bethesda team. The studio congratulated Nintendo on the launch of the new Metroid on social media and shared a great piece of art in which the Doom Slayer replaces Samus as the box art star.

Here’s a comparison between the piece and Nintendo’s official cover:

FBLpx9VXoAcu1WfChange Metroid Dread box typeImages: Bethesda, NintendoCongratulations to @NintendoAmerica on launching #MetroidDread– DOOM (@DOOM) October 8, 2021

Of course, Doomguy now has even more reason to be associated with Nintendo’s own big guns after it was unveiled earlier this week as the Mii fighter costume for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Matches between DOOM’s protagonist and Metroid’s Samus will soon be a real possibility – what a crazy world, right?

Did you pick up a copy of the Metroid Dread today? Let us know in our induction day survey.

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