“The Dumbest, Craziest People” Donald Trump on Fiona Hill


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By: Donald J. Trump

Fiona Hill was terrible at her job. The first time I remember hearing her name was during impeachment hoax # 1, where she worked hard to say something bad, but there wasn’t much.

It was a total fraud. She might have been in the oval and the conference rooms with me, but that was no one I recognized. Then she pretended to be a know-it-all, but in reality she had no influence.

She was very close to one of the dumbest and “craziest” people in Washington, John Bolton. Neither said much, and what they said was not heard, especially after Bolton said he wanted the “Libya model” over North Korea amid my negotiations with Kim Jong Un.

He made this statement on “Deface the Nation” or “Meet the Fake Press” – it doesn’t matter, they’re all the same. Fortunately, Kim Jong Un understood how stupid he was and didn’t let him go to meetings or dinner (I liked that). Fiona Hill was a Deep State stiff with a nice accent. Books are written by people like you who had virtually no access to me and whom I didn’t even know.

They write it like they’re experts on “Trump” but they know absolutely nothing about me. My function was to save our country and survive. Unfortunately, if you look at what is happening now with Afghanistan, the border, inflation, etc., our country will not be saved. It’s in big trouble!

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