Adam Schiff warns Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows they will face criminal charges for failing to testify



1/6 committee member, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) warned four Trump officials summoned that if they fail to testify, they would be subject to criminal disregard charges.

Rep. Schiff tweeted:

Four of Donald Trump’s employees were summoned to testify on January 6th.

If they refuse to do so, they can be prosecuted.

What are they hiding? What are you afraid of?

The truth will come out. We’ll take care of that.

– Adam Schiff (@RepAdamSchiff) October 6, 2021

Rep. Schiff spoke about the subpoenas issued for Mark Meadows, Steve Bannon, Kashyap Patel and Dan Scavino.

1/6 committee made it clear. You don’t play around. Schiff’s testimony is in line with the testimony of Jamie Raskin, another member of the 1/6 committee, who warned Trump and all of his staff that the committee will bring charges of criminal contempt against anyone who complies with a subpoena. Raskin said subpoenas are not optional and warned of serious consequences for those who try to ignore them.

It’s a different world now for Trump and his staff. They have no political power, and Trump has not offered any help or assistance to those who have been summoned.

Trump cannot ignore this investigation, and he no longer has the platform to delegitimize it.

The 1/6 committee is coming for Trump and his friends, and if they refuse to abide by it, they could end up behind bars.

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