Guardians of the Galaxy on PC will be based on GeForce Now RTX



The first PC-specific details on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game – which will be released later this month – were revealed by Square Enix. The game will support all of the latest Nvidia RTX enhancements – but most interestingly, even if users don’t have a card with these features, they can stream with everyone on GeForce Now instead.

Guardians of the Galaxy is coming out October 26th and has been treated pretty well in general, e.g. microtransactions in particular.

However, one thing Square Enix hasn’t really mentioned yet is what Guardians of the Galaxy will look like on PC. The publisher finally released a new tech trailer as part of the Tokyo Game Show this weekend, highlighting all of the major graphical features PC users can enjoy – even if Square Enix has not yet released the minimum and recommended specs for the game .

These features include support for up to 8K resolution, real-time ray tracing, DLSS performance enhancement, diffuse lighting, HDR and wide color space, and other RTX bonuses. Additionally, Guardians of the Galaxy will be available to stream through GeForce Now when it launches – so if you want to experience these features but don’t have the card to do it, this might be the case.

Guardians of the Galaxy is due out October 26th and has a purple space llama named Kammy, the kind of vital piece of information we’re happy to bring you. GeForce Now just suffered a massive datamine that may have exposed games like a BioShock remaster and a Resident Evil 4 remake.

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