Swiss Post decided to launch the “Swiss Crypto Stamp”


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Swiss Post decided to launch the “Swiss Crypto Stamp”

The Swiss national postal service issues around 50 different new postage stamps every year. Swiss Post stamps come in a variety of designs. This year she will be launching a completely different stamp that will mark a milestone in Swiss postage stamp history. A crypto stamp is helping Swiss Post reduce the distance between physical stamps and the digital cryptocurrency industry by introducing tradable digital stamps.

Last month she announced the imminent introduction of the “Swiss crypto stamp”. It looks like an ordinary stamp. You can use it to frank mail like any other postage stamp. However, the actual crypto stamp is digital.

This stamp consists of two parts. It is a physical postage stamp worth CHF 8.90, and each crypto stamp has an associated digital image. The crypto stamp is stored on a blockchain.

Using a QR code printed next to the physical stamp, people can discover a digital twin of their physical stamp online. His picture shows one of 13 possible designs.

Crypto stamps and new opportunities

Customers can trade or sell their crypto stamps on platforms such as the world famous marketplace (NFT) OpenSea. Potential buyers should bear in mind that Swiss Post only sells postage stamps, and that the post office sells them separately.

The Swiss Post postage stamp will apparently offer a similar experience to non-fungible tokens. Some of the crypto postage stamps will have a rare design. Out of 65,000 copies of the most popular digital design, only 50 will have a rare design.

In less than two months, Swiss Post will launch its crypto postage stamp on November 25th. According to the postal service, it will be the first stamp of its kind ever to be launched in Switzerland. The country’s first crypto brand will be available from November 25 in selected Swiss Post branches. Customers can order it in all Swiss Post branches and online.

Austrian Post also announced plans to integrate non-fungible token chips into their Crypto Stamp 3.0. It has a circulation of 100,000. The country released its first crypto stamp in 2019.

A few months ago, the crypto startup Coinsilium partnered with the Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau to issue NFT postage stamps.

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