Facebook whistleblower claims the company contributed to the attack on the Capitol | Attack on the US Capitol


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A whistleblower on Facebook will say that thousands of pages of in-house company research that she has shared with federal regulators prove that the social media giant is deceptively claiming that its efforts to eradicate hate and misinformation are deceptively effective, and that for the Attack on the Washington Capitol on 6th DC.

The former employee will make her claims and reveal her identity in an interview that airs on CBS Sunday night 60 minutes before a scheduled appearance at a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

In a 1,500-word internal memo, titled Our Position on Polarization and Election, mailed Friday, Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president of global affairs, admitted that the whistleblower would accuse the company of the Capitol riots on the 6th “misleading”.

The memo was first reported by the New York Times.

The January 6 riot was carried out by a pro-Trump mob who tried to disrupt Joe Biden’s election as president. The violence and chaos of the attack shocked the US and the rest of the world, seeing dozens of people injured and five dead.

Clegg, a former former UK Deputy Prime Minister, said in his memo that Facebook “has developed industry-leading tools to remove hateful content and reduce the spread of problematic content. As a result, the prevalence of hate speech on our platform has now dropped to around 0.05%. “

He said many things contributed to America’s divisive politics.

“The rise in polarization has been the subject of serious academic research in recent years. The truth is, there isn’t much consensus. But the evidence out there just doesn’t support the idea that Facebook or social media in general is the main cause of polarization, ”Clegg wrote.

The memo comes two weeks after Facebook posted a statement on its corporate website against a number of critical articles in the Wall Street Journal.

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