The head of the racist republican think tank says Donald Trump is “just the beginning” of the right-wing takeover


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The rise of former President Donald Trump was no accident and “was just the beginning” of the Republican Party’s draconian plan to impose radical right-wing rule in the United States, Claremont Institute chairman Ryan Williams said in a broad interview with The Atlantic, which was released on Friday.

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After getting Williams to admit that his organization only considers white Christians to be true Americans, correspondent Emma Green asked him if losing the referendum in five of the last seven GOP presidential elections was evidence that his movement was on the sidelines of the political exists spectrum.

Nope. Instead, he suggested that minority rule is what the founders really wanted.

“I reject the premise that you don’t have a constitutional majority just because the referendum isn’t won. We have an electoral college for good reason. For the founders, democracy was a means to an end to protect rights. They founded a republic, not a democracy. The rule of pure numbers was never the touchstone of justice for the founders. But the persistent inability to win popular majorities – that is a problem. Our project is a project to convince our fellow citizens, even independents and Democrats, that the current regime is on the wrong track, ”Williams said.

Green was impressed with Williams’ claim that votes are irrelevant.

“Do you think that you are actually speaking for a silent majority in America who actually sympathize with your goals?” She asked.

“That is a testable statement. Hopefully. Trump has shown how to do it. That was just the beginning, “Williams replied.

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