Gods Unchained is a promising defi game. What about NGL?


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Gods Unchained is a promising defi game. What about NGL?

Gods Unchained is a tactical card game with great potential. It gives players real ownership of their in-game items. The game is also free to play and has some great features. The former game director of Magic: The Gathering Arena runs this game. Gods Unchained is mostly focused on competitive play. This means that players have to strategically outsmart their opponents if they want to win. You can build decks capable of tackling a variety of tactics. In addition, players fully own their digital items. They can trade, sell and use their cards however they want, which is very beneficial for investors.

The Gods Unchained team has decided to launch the ICO of its native token on October 11, 2021. The sale ends on October 12, 2021. GODS is a utility token. The price will be $ 0.336000 during the initial coin offering. The total amount of tokens is 20,000,000 GODS. Users can buy it on the Coinlist platform. The company accepts USDT, USDC, ETH and BTC in exchange for GODS.

Gods Unchained uses this ERC-20 token as a premium currency within its ecosystem. Token holders can use GODS to create an NFT. In addition, they can use it in the marketplace and for in-game purchases, receive it as a reward, and enjoy other benefits. According to the team, Gods will distribute Unchained tokens among the developers, player incentives and a public sale.

Why did Coinlist choose to list this token?

Coinlist has agreed to list Gods Unchained on its platform for several reasons. Mainly it was due to an epic gaming economy, as the stock market put it. As mentioned earlier, the platform offers real ownership of in-game items by converting them into NFTs / ERC-721 tokens.

The team believes that the introduction of their token will usher in a new age in play-for-earn mechanics, one that will give players more opportunities to earn meaningful assets. In addition, players can make their own NFT cards, purchase new card packs and chests, and earn staking rewards with GODS tokens. You can also get into Gods Unchained on a deeper level than any other average Defi game.

The second benefit is the titanic community of Gods Unchained. The platform already has a passionate community of users with over $ 34 million worth of NFTs traded in the market. To date, the game has more than 450,000 registered players, although it is only in beta. Gods Unchained has doubled its player base in the past six months, increasing the number of weekly active users about five times.

The team built this platform on top of Ethereum. As a result, its digital assets live on Immutable X. The latter is Ethereum’s first zero-knowledge roll-up scaling protocol for gas-free trading and NFT minting. In addition, Zk rollups allow users to have higher transaction speeds than the Ethereum mainnet and it does not compromise the security of the user, which is very beneficial.

What about the Gods Unchained team members?

Game Director Chris Clay is the former Game Director at Magic: The Gathering Arena (MTGA). He’s also a dedicated gamer. Clay spent 15 years at Turbine and worked on various MMOs, including Lord of the Rings Online, Asheron’s Call 1 & 2 and finally MOBA Infinite Crisis. He has extensive gaming experience and is passionate about building brand new economies that will empower gamers and communities through NFTs.

Co-founder James Ferguson previously led a software development team at a multi-billion dollar e-commerce company. He taught himself to code by completing the MIT curriculum online, and even managed to move to Silicon Valley in 2014. Ferguson and his brother have previously built several companies and also have experience in defibrillation. In fact, Robbie Ferguson is another co-founder of the platform. Before that, he set up an automated platform for capital gains tax at KPMG. However, Robbie became obsessed with Ethereum in 2015. As a result, he was awarded the Thiel Fellowship in 2020.

Eartha token is still hot, but its ICO will end soon

Eartha token is still hot, but its ICO will end soonEartha token has been firmly in the spotlight since its inception. Its ICO began on July 27, 2021. However, the sale will end on October 31, 2021. Investors only have one month left to buy this token at the ICO price. 1 EAR is currently trading for $ 0.007, but the price will increase in the future.

The total inventory of these tokens is 317,0006,803 EARs. However, only a certain percentage is available in the first sale. Eartha accepts BNB in ​​exchange for its native tokens. It also has a bonus structure to reward the investors participating in the ICO.

This company offers SMBs and startups an affordable, easy-to-use, decentralized escrow payment application. It also promises to replace intermediaries such as banks or credit card companies who normally intervene in B2B transactions.

Eartha is a profitable choice for large companies too. The platform will enable them to switch from “cost centers” to “profit centers”, thereby increasing the value of back office operations while distributing tokens in B2B transactions.

This platform has a lot of interesting features. For example, it offers a settlement / escrow with the amount specified in the legal tender. It’s intuitive and easy to use for everyone. The team also developed a special design that can convert the back office from a “cost center” to a “profit center” by simply giving away coins as an incentive for office work. Users will be able to buy and sell accounts receivable and debts in escrow with NFT.

How does Eartha work?

Earth is a DeFi platform from dApp. It enables transfers based on legal tender as well as the creation of trust agreements and manages to remain decentralized in the process.

The company has expanded its currency calculations to the ERC-20 standard. The transfer amount and the balance are usually displayed in the unit of each virtual currency in the normal ERC-20. However, EAR tokens can show fiat currency based transfers and balances after converting to USD, EUR, JPY, etc. This enables his dApp to create escrow and transfers in fiat currencies.

The Gold Fever plans to launch its ICO soon

Gold Fever is another very successful online multiplayer video game. It is free-to-play and play-to-earn and offers many incentives to its players. Gold Fever encourages community building by requiring players to participate in a complex strategy. It also uses a decentralized structure with economic and psychological incentives. The team carefully designed this game to allow for rapid and scalable growth for both the players and the platform.

The company uses cryptos to provide real economic incentives for users to play and support the game. Gold Fever is a typical video game in every way. Still, it also offers rewards to players who are more successful in analyzing the plot and benefiting from it.

In addition, Gold Fever belongs to the very attractive competitive segment of games of chance. The team has worked hard to design the game to appeal to players who enjoy engaging storytelling, complex strategy, and dark themes.

However, this game is different from similar games in that its players have the potential to generate income directly through online gameplay and they can support the game’s ecosystem.

In addition to their gaming skills, they can make money by creating and selling in-game items, lending in-game currency, hosting arenas, renting in-game items, selling and trading unique in-game NFTs, and offering in-game services through skills or items shared with other players help.

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