Bill Maher leaves MAGA and defends ivermectin



Bill Maher claimed ivermectin was being beaten by the left and sounded more and more like Trump.

Video of Maher talking about ivermectin:

Maher said, “On the left it was like oh no, you can’t even mention that … the comedians on the left would just talk about it being used to dewormer horses without being prescribed for millions of times the people. Now a study has been done, a large patient study in Brazil said ivermectin had no effect. But guess what? There are always several studies. I do not know. Doctors are also very wrong when it comes to shit. “

We know ivermectin won’t work because it’s a parasitic drug and COVID is a virus.

It’s basic science.

Bill Maher, who is defending ivermectin, is not surprising. Maher has increasingly slipped into MAGAness for years. From his misogyny to his racism and Islamaphobia, the HBO presenter has drifted to the right for a very long time.

As a public health warning, it is important to note that science is not wrong. Ivermectin is not a COVID treatment. The best way to avoid dying from COVID is to get a vaccination.

The equine wormer won’t work, and on ivermectin, Bill Maher sounds a lot like Donald Trump.

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