According to Mintal Sleep Tracker data, women actually snore more than men


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Wellness-focused technology brand Mintal has released a report on sleep habits that includes insights from their artificial intelligence (AI) -based Mintal tracker app to highlight interesting facts about sleep patterns of men and women in the United States and several notable similarities and Uncover differences.

The most important findings include:

  • Contrary to popular belief that men snore more than women, the Mintal app showed the opposite – of all snoring users, 52.7% were women and 47.3% were men.
  • 38% of Mintal Tracker users are asleep talking, with 54.3% women and 45.7% men speaking.
  • When it comes to the average length of sleep, both men and women set an average of nearly seven hours of sleep per night, with women slamming a little more at 6 hours 53 minutes and men getting 6 hours 47 minutes.

“Although we know that good sleep is important, many people don’t make it a priority – so we want to change that,” said Frank Jiang, founder and CEO of Mintal, in a press release. “Our apps help people take a scientific approach to healthier sleep and give our users the tools they need to feel completely rested.”

The data in the report covers the sleeping habits of Mintal Tracker’s iOS and Android users between August 2020 and July 2021 in the United States. The Mintal Tracker app gives users a deeper understanding of their sleep patterns and habits, and uses AI to alert users of their propensity to snore, sleep talk, and more.

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