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Most recently as Bond: Daniel Craig at work on ‘No Time To Die’ (Image credit: Movie Still)

Hollywood star Daniel Craig, who is ready to say goodbye to the character of the legendary spy “James Bond”, spoke about his work in the 25th film “No Time To Die” in the espionage thriller franchise.

Craig spoke of the Bond legacy of the past few decades and how it is still connected to the world: “It’s impossible not to miss it when you watch the Bond films.”

“But what happens in the world also influences them. I don’t think we necessarily set out directly, and I think you’re off to a bad start trying to bring what is going on in the world into you and refer to it too much, but it’s the fears, We’re Talking About. “Daniel Craig added.

Commenting on his preparations for the role of Bond, Daniel Craig said: “When I started playing him, it would take me about three months to get into the movie. It’s been about a year now. Although I don’t have a script at this point, I still started the process in my head trying to get fit and prepare for all of the stunts.

“So in a way it’s not a switch, it’s a process. Suttirat, our brilliant costume designer, came to New York and we sat together and talked about clothes, which went on long before we started shooting. “

‘No Time to Die’ also shows Rami Malek as the villain.

When he got Malek, Daniel Craig said, “He was great and very busy and we were lucky to get him. I think his name caught on pretty early on, but it was one of those things that we wondered if he would. We didn’t have the part yet. “

“Even if it was a nice idea, you at least have to be able to say: ‘We don’t have all the words, but that’s how it is.’ Then we did it and we had to try to get him in. What you don’t want to do, especially with someone like Rami, is to promise and then not deliver. “

“No Time To Die” arrives in Indian cinemas on September 30th in IMAX 3D, 3D and 4DX in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.

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