1/6 Committee drops the subpoena hammer on 11 Trump rally organizers



The 1/6 Committee has issued 11 new subpoenas aimed at people who organized the Trump rally and promoted the 1/6 rally.

Via: The 1/6 Committee:

Today, Chairman Bennie G. Thompson announced that the Special Committee has issued subpoenas for testimony and recordings for individuals connected with the events and rallies that led to the January 6 riot, including the January 6 rally in the Ellipse that immediately preceded the violent attack on the US Capitol. The summons were sent to 11 people as part of an effort by the Select Committee to gather information from them and their affiliates about the planning, organization and funding of these events. In letters to the organizers of the rally, Chairman Thompson directed witnesses to testify at the testimony and to keep a full range of records.

“The Special Committee is investigating the facts, circumstances and causes of the attack on the 6th, procedural rules or regulations. The investigation involves examining how various individuals and organizations coordinated their activities in the run-up to the January 6, 2021 events, ”wrote Chairman Thompson.

Women for America First (WFAF) organized the rally on January 6, 2021 on the Ellipse, rallies in Freedom Plaza on November 14 and 12, according to documents submitted to the select committee on the permits for the rallies on November 5 and 6 January and for public information.

The subpoenas look for a series of records that include materials related to planning, funding, and participating in the events and bus tours; Social media activities of affiliated companies; and communicating with or engaging with officials and lawmakers in the Trump administration. The Special Committee has issued subpoenas on files from the following individuals and their affiliates, and directed those individuals to testify on the testimony:

  • Amy Kremer, Founder and Chair of the WFAF.
  • Kylie Kremer, founder and managing director of the WFAF.
  • Cynthia Chafian, filed the first permit application on behalf of the WFAF for the January 6th rally and is the founder of the Eighty Percent Coalition.
  • Caroline Wren, listed as a “VIP Advisor” on the January 6 rally approval papers.
  • Maggie Mulvaney, listed as a “VIP Lead” on the January 6 rally approval papers.
  • Justin Caporale of Event Strategies, Inc. listed as a “Project Manager” on the approval papers for the January 6 rally.
  • Tim Unes of Event Strategies, Inc. is listed as a Stage Manager on the January 6 rally approval papers.
  • Megan Powers of MPowers Consulting LLC is listed as an Operations Manager for Scheduling and Guidance in the January 6 rally approval documents.
  • Hannah Salem of Salem Strategies LLC is listed as an Operations Manager for Logistics and Communications in the approval documents for the January 6 rally.
  • Lyndon Brentnall of RMS Protective Services is listed as an “on-site supervisor” in the permit papers for the January 6 rally.

Katrina Pierson, a former Trump campaign official, was reportedly involved in organizing the January 5th and 6th rallies and was in direct communication with the former president about the rallies.

The 1/6 Committee looks at the rallies related to the attack on the Capitol.

What is interesting is that the committee wants to hear from rally organizers who communicated with Trump. The committee is clearly investigating whether the rallies were used to organize and draw a crowd into the Capitol to try to overthrow the election.

The committee connects the dots. Republican history has it that the rally and the attack were accidental. The two were not related. There were just a few people in a crowd who “acted like tourists”.

The 1/6 committee is looking at something that was possibly much more sinister. The question is whether the rally was held to attack masses of Trump supporters.

The answer to that question will show how deep and detailed Trump’s sedition plan went.

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