Trump is set to sue for blocking the release of White House records related to 1/6



Former President Donald Trump plans to sue over the release of White House records related to the May 6th Capitol riot.

Trump wants to sue The House of Representatives special committee tasked with investigating the attack and plans to cite executive privilege, which, according to The Guardian, could spark “an extensive legal battle over disclosure”. He also expects his top aides to oppose record summons and testimony.

“The plan to prevent House Electoral Committee investigators from getting White House records from Trump is to exploit the process by which the National Archives allow both Biden administration and Trump to review materials for executive privilege claims, “The Guardian reported, adding that” after the National Archives Biden and Trump die Documents requested by the special committee, Trump has 30 days to review the materials and request the administration to invoke executive privilege against everyone to stop their release.

Trump has claimed in the past that he is protected under executive privileges that allow presidents to maintain confidentiality and withhold information in the public interest.

Legal analysts have, however The aforementioned executive privilege does not extend to efforts to halt certification of an election won by President Joe Biden.

In addition, executive privilege belongs to the current incumbent: Biden himself.

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