‘Touch It’ singer Kidi reveals his inspiration and mentions Usher, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown


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‘Touch It’ singer Kidi reveals his inspiration, mentions Usher, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown – Deets Inside (Photo: Instagram)

The hip song ‘Touch It’ singer Kidi has gained a lot in popularity with his new song.

The Afro-beat high-life song ‘Touch It’ is a single from his new album ‘The Golden Boywhich’.

In an exclusive conversation with IANS, the Ghanaian singer Kidi (Denis Nana Dawmena) shared his enthusiasm for the success of ‘Touch It’.

When asked if ‘Touch It’ is going to be a huge hit, Kidi said, “So I decided to make a song to make the whole world happy. I didn’t imagine the song doing whatever it was doing. I knew it was going to be successful, somehow I’m just so humble about everything that happens to the song around the world and what it does for me. I’m just so grateful. “

Commenting on the idea behind the song, he said, “I wanted to make a song that would make people move their bodies when they hear the song. The moment you heard a song, you couldn’t sit still, you had to do something, you had to do something, or move your body in some way.

“I just wanted to let people know that there are problems in everyday life, so enjoy life while you can because problems never end. There are different problems every day, so let’s enjoy it while we have life! “

Kidi (28), who won the “Highlife Song of the Year” at the Ghana Music Awards 2018 for his hit single “Odo”, has already achieved success at a young age.

“To be honest, it feels so great. It feels great to achieve great things at a young age. It just inspires me to do more because the road ahead is so long and I have to keep going.

“I have to keep working hard so I’m inspired now. But what it does to me is that it motivates me to do more, you know. And I pray for strength, I pray for grace and wisdom to keep doing more and being more successful, ”said Kidi.

He then won the singer of the year at the Ghana Music Awards 2019 and the album of the year for his debut album “Sugar” at the Ghana Music Awards 2020.

The singer-songwriter-producer takes inspiration from international singers.

“Personally, I get inspiration from a lot of artists, from Chris Brown to Usher to Bruno Mars. There are so many artists all over the world doing a great job, ”Kidi signed.

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