Trump’s collaboration with Putin exposed by former press secretary



According to former press secretary Stephanie Grisham, Trump would tell Putin in advance when he would be “tough” with him.

Trump told Putin his tough talk was only for the cameras

The Washington Post reported that Stephanie Grisham wrote in her new book:

Little is known about the events of the 90-minute conversation between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Osaka, Japan two years ago. But when the journalists were quickly led out of the room at the Group of 20 Summit 2019, Stephanie Grisham saw the action again up close.

She saw Trump lean over to Putin that day and tell him, “Okay, I’ll be a little harder with you for a few minutes. But it’s for the cameras, and when they’re gone we talk. You understand.”

Trump insisted on speaking to Putin privately

Throughout his presidency, Trump insisted on speaking to Putin alone. When he spoke to Putin on the phone, the calls were not monitored by national security officers as usual, and no readings were provided to reporters.

Trump worked with Putin to create a false image of hardship

Trump’s reference to Putin that he acted in front of the cameras and did not mean his testimony seriously is the first evidence from inside the Trump administration that the former president worked with Putin.

The Mueller report was cut off on his knees by Rod Rosenstein before he could ever investigate Trump’s relationship with Putin, but Grisham’s report makes it clear that the president was collaborating with an enemy of the United States.

Republicans like Devin Nunes are still trying to gloss over the Trump-Putin collaboration. Grisham’s account needs to be investigated before Donald Trump staged his game in order to return to the national political stage in 2024.

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