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Mattress Firm, the well-known Houston-based mattress retailer, launched its “Unjunk Your Sleep” campaign during the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics last month. Actor Liev Schreiber headlines the campaign and announces: “We have a problem, America. Junk sleep. ”The goal of the mattress company? To free people from the morning cloudiness and “out” feeling they get from a night of junk sleep on a junk bed.

In addition to video and TV campaigns, Mattress Firm is traveling from city to city on an Unjunk Your Sleep Tour with sleep experts and a truck full of mattresses. After the tour has already visited New York City and Detroit, the tour will end in Houston from August 23-27.

If you tweet a picture of your mattress and why you sleep so badly at the company with the hashtag #UnJunkYourSleepGiveaway, you can win a new mattress. If you live in Houston you can also add the hashtag #Hou and representatives from the mattress company can show up on your doorstep offering sleep advice and a free mattress. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

However, don’t worry if you don’t win any of Mattress Firm’s free mattresses. Rumor has it that Mattress Clarity will be launching its mattress freebies in the next few months, so keep an eye out for more freebies to help ease your sleep.

Would you rather get rid of your sleep sooner rather than later? Take our mattress quiz for a curated selection of mattresses that will suit your needs. In the meantime, keep these sleep hygiene tips in mind for a more restful night:

  • Make sure your room is dark and quiet
  • Set the temperature to ~ 65 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Exercise a few hours before bed
  • Use your bed only as intended and avoid working, watching TV and reading in bed
  • Start a routine and stick with it
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol
  • Don’t consume caffeine too late in the day (try to cut your coffee off at 2 p.m.)

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