Marjorie Taylor Greene may face an investigation after the ongoing attack on Debbie Dingell



Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene continued her attack on Rep Debbie Dingell while she was on her way to investigate.

Greene wasn’t done after her scream fight with Rep. Dingell:

My former chief of staff tells the story a lot better than most of the media outlets, which seem to want to slaughter as much babies as @RepDebDingell does

Dingellberry is like one of those annoying little bits that hang on for way too long.

Time to clean up the congress!

– Marjorie Taylor Greene (@mtgreenee) September 25, 2021

Greene’s outbreak on Friday and her behavior on Saturday both violate the house’s ethical rules. Greene personally attacks another member of the House of Representatives.

Rep. Greene started the confrontation. She interrupted the members of the House speaking to the press.

The Georgia Republican follows in Trump’s footsteps by constantly trying to draw attention to herself by “owning the libraries.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is an example of everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. She is not qualified to hold her seat. Greene has no interest in governing or representing the people of her district.

Rep. Greene is a toxic cancer who is just trying to split and advance its conspiratorial extremist views.

The house needs better people than Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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