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Serimmune and Mymee announced this week that they will be collaborating on a clinical research study to describe the role of antibodies in patients with COVID-19. The partnership involves collaborating in research to understand the presence of antibodies in people with autoimmunity, including disease activity and those at risk.

The study, using Serimmune’s proprietary Serum Epitope Repertoire Analysis (SERA) technology, aims to assess individual immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 from both natural infections and vaccinations, and monitor these responses over a five-year period . These data will help researchers better understand how variations in antibody response can affect Covid-19 symptoms from very mild to severe. Since the pandemic began in December 2019, more than 200 million Covid cases and 4 million deaths have been reported worldwide. Experts predict that up to 35% of asymptomatic and symptomatic Covid cases will develop some form of long-range Covid.

Patients participating in Mymee’s digital autoimmunity and long-distance Covid care programs are eligible under this collaboration agreement. Study participants will have access to their personalized antibody card, which characterizes their own unique set of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, and will receive ongoing information about their immunity to the virus over time. Participants do not incur any costs for participating in the study.

Loyalty benefits announced that its personalized health plans are now available to Virginia employers with more than 50 employees on a fully insured basis.

Tie up health insurance that has been redesigned from the ground up to enable employers to offer sustainable, attractive health care without further shifting costs onto employees. With Bind, people have full insurance coverage from day one without unnecessary barriers to affordability such as deductibles and co-insurance. With an intuitive digital experience, members can see cost and quality comparisons before treatment.

“Virginia employers and employees deserve the opportunity to save money and be happier with their health insurance experience. Personalized health plans do just that, ”said John Chabot, mid-market sales director for Bind.

Bind has proven that people who have security upfront will choose better quality care – and that makes health care more affordable overall. The impact of Bind on its members and employer customers is significant. Bind members choose more effective and efficient care, spending 52% less on medicine and pharmacy than the national average – and employers can spend up to 20% less.

Bind isn’t new to Virginians. Bind has members based out of Virginia who have self-funded plans offered by companies like Lumen, Medtronic, and others.

Health of Carrum has expanded its Texas offering with Houston Physicians’ Hospital to give Carrum Health members access to low-cost, bundled offerings for spinal surgery and outpatient sports medical care.

Houston Physicians’ Hospital serves communities across Southeast Texas with its Webster, Texas hospital and 15 outpatient physical therapy clinics. The patient-centric, concierge approach ensures patients receive the most appropriate care, whether through surgery or, if possible, through more conservative, non-surgical options for less invasive methods of treating back pain and recovering from sports injuries.

“At Houston Physicians’ Hospital, we pride ourselves on delivering a great patient experience, with a focus on delivering the best, most appropriate care. We chose to partner with Carrum Health because of their shared commitment to putting patients first, which is reflected in their high Net Promoter Score, “said Heather Womack, CEO of Houston Physicians’ Hospital. “We look forward to bringing the unique care model of Carrum Health companies and their employees in the greater Houston area closer.”

Carrum is introducing a new model that uses a technology-driven approach to bring value-based care to practices to simplify the payment and delivery of care. The Carrum Health benefit includes the industry’s first and only Centers of Excellence platform and a smartphone app that provides full member support. In the Carrum model, members usually never pay a medical bill – no co-payments, no deductibles, no surprise bills. Instead, instead of fighting the health system, they can focus on their health.

Astarte Medical, a company specializing in clinical decision support tools for the neonatal intensive care unit, raised $ 7.6 million in a Series A round. Investors participating in the round include Viking Global Investors LP, Lunsford Capital, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, OCA Ventures, Next Act Fund, Capita3, Leatherneck Ventures, and Social Venture Circle. The funds will be used to scale its NICUtrition clinical decision support platform to address critical, unmet needs in the neonatal intensive care unit such as malnutrition, sub-optimal growth, and racial differences in care.

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