Research shows Trump intentionally contributed to COVID-19 deaths



Throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump’s contribution to the destruction of American lives received insufficient attention – from the media, Democrats and the general public – for his political ambitions. Although he is no longer in a place he should never have visited, let alone occupied, his influence is still wreaking havoc on the lives of Americans.

Although some types of media attribute responsibility for the destruction of COVID on America to Trump’s criminal negligence, very little attention was paid to Trump’s constant trivialization of the pandemic throughout his tenure in the White House.

Now there is evidence that after the pandemic began to devastate the nation, he “contributed to Americans adopting beliefs that neutralize social distancing norms.”

In other words, Trump isn’t just guilty criminally negligent homicide by deliberately helping the plague sweep America, he encouraged the evil acts of his acolytes who spread the virus among the population. Worse, he intentionally did it as part of his campaign strategy to stay in the Oval Office.

As reported by PsyPost:

“People who voted for it President Donald Trump’s denial of the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic tended to lead to justifications for deviant behavior related to social distancing … in the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak. The study was published in the journal Deviant Behavior. “

The study focused on whether Trump’s lies that Americans were in little danger of a virulent global pandemic actually affected Americans under the spell of an ignorant and brutal narcissist; in particular, whether his followers would accept his lies and disregard the urgent demands of healthy medical science to accept and practice mitigation efforts in order to save human life. As the study’s author, a distinguished research professor emeritus of criminal justice at the University of Cincinnati, Francis T. Cullen, noted:

“It was possible that the apparent influence of Donald Trump was wrong and by factors like low self-control, political party and [religious] Beliefs and Demographics.

Ultimately, the question we asked ourselves was: Did Donald Trump’s denial of the dangers of the pandemic help Americans adopt beliefs that neutralize social distancing norms and allow, if not encourage, non-compliance with those norms? “

The study’s results provide a crushing indictment against Trump and show Americans’ willingness to take the word of a failed businessman and former reality TV actor about the informed recommendations of lifelong medical professionals, most likely.

Professor Cullen’s results are in line with another study his researchers conducted, which found that support for Trump was linked to his followers’ intentions to deliberately defy social distancing guidelines. And in another study, researchers discovered:

“Americans who used Trump to learn about COVID-19 were less likely to view coronavirus as a serious health problem and were less likely to view public health advice as being effective or easy to follow.”

Apparently, these Americans are so ridiculously stupid that they were confused about how to follow simple advice on mitigation, such as wearing a mask, washing your hands, not touching your face, and staying two meters apart. And it is noteworthy that a year later, amid a second wave of a more contagious COVID-19 variant, they are still resisting this simple advice. Some Republican governors even prohibit public institutions, public schools, and private companies from enforcing these containment efforts.

Of course, that didn’t help to flatter the religiously foolish Trump was instrumental in delivering an incredibly deadly religious message before Easter to “grab the churches.” then take a bleach enema or a non-purple light emitting suppository. Advice that quite a few of Trump’s followers heeded, as if it came from the mouth of their biblical God or a real medical doctor.

The real atrocity is that everything Trump did to “downplay” the effects of the virus was motivated by political expediency, not ignorance.

He was warned by his own national intelligence and security guards that COVID-19 was a serious threat to the nation a full two months before the virus landed on American soil, but he was not interested.

He admitted to a nationally recognized journalist that he knew the virus was in the air in January but “belittled” the threat as if it wasn’t a national health threat.

He even went so far as to tell his supporters that the seriousness of the virus is nothing more than a “hoax by the Democrats to prevent his re-election”. A claim that nearly 20 percent of Americans, mostly his followers, have accepted at great risk to themselves, their families and their communities.

Professor Cullens best summed up how devastating Trump’s actions were in spreading the virus:

“He has been a source of non-compliance and has led many Republican Party leaders (especially governors) to portray vaccines as a threat to freedom. Since they are the Denier in Chief, it is questionable that many of his more loyal followers have made decisions that have cost them their health and even their lives. “

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